Get in the race


Get in the race


As founder of Palio, Joe Greco promotes organizational development and professional coaching for peak performance. The methodology follows a simple sequence:

  1. pinpoint strengths to accentuate

  2. identify visible & uncover hidden obstacles to overcome

  3. leverage human, intellectual & financial resources to rally productivity

  4. review & reposition for sustained success

Joe aligns with clients to confront challenges head on with a singular goal: ignite performance through clear, meaningful and measurable shifts in team or individual productivity. 

rigorous preparation }


 { precise execution }


o p t i m a l   r e s u l t s

Core focal points: client acquisition & retention, communication & presentation skills, leadership & team development, int/ext marketing, technology integration.


Certified by The Tracom Group to administer and debrief the Social Styles model, Joe also has fluency with DiSC Personality Profiles. Having spent 13 years trading on the NYSE, Joe is no stranger to high-stakes environments or negotiating complex situations. His strong persona and attention to detail caught the eye of financial media producers, resulting in frequent live appearances with Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, FOX, among others. 

Joe resides in Larchmont, NY with his wife and four daughters. He earned a Management & Financial Systems degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is regularly partnering with several investment, educational and charitable non-profit organizations. Passions include: outdoor adventures, film photography, live music, travel and cooking. 


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